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Messages of support

Pennies is such a simple idea, everyone gets it and they are happy to say so.

Martha Lane Fox

UK Digital Champion

My charitable foundation Antigone is always on the look out for clever ways technology can breathe new life into the charitable sector . Pennies, the electronic charity box, does just that. Online and digital high-street transactions are now very much ingrained in our daily life – it’s time to bring the shop counter charity box into the digital realm. Pennies’ simple yet clever technology can make a real difference when the charitable sector needs it most. It’s quick, easy and there’s no pressure. I wish Pennies every success.

Emma Forbes

TV and Radio Presenter, Founder of

If you want to do something to help charities in a way that is easier than you can imagine, check out Pennies, the electronic charity box, it’s fabulous.

Joanna Shields

Chief Executive, Tech City Investment Organisation

The opportunity for Pennies is enormous and the time is right to offer consumers the choice to make charity micro-donations.  Many of us now buy a lot online; this spans from groceries to clothes and books.  The opportunity to offer Pennies to people when they’re making those transactions is ideal, all of us want to help, and often feel like we can’t.  To have an opportunity to make a difference with just a few pennies, as part of a behaviour we’re already doing is fantastic.

Rachel Riley

TV Presenter

This is such a clever way of fundraising, a few extra pennies given by a few people a few times will quickly add up to a huge amount of help for a great many charities.  I’m proud to add my support and electronic loose change to Pennies!

Richard Curtis

Screenwriter, Film Producer and Founder of Comic Relief

It’s simple. It’s 365 days a year and it will change lives every day.

Austin Healey

Former England Rugby Union Player

I love pennies because it is so simple yet so effective as most of the best ideas are. Helping people donate small amounts everyday will be a massive boost for good causes.

Gary Barlow


I love the idea that if we could all give a tiny amount of money, loose change really – micro-donations – we really could make the pennies add up to something truly significant.

Fiona Phillips

TV Personality

The idea of sending pennies to charity at the touch of a button when you shop is absolutely brilliant.

Jeremy Irons


What a simple way to encourage more people to donate. Just a few pennies from everyone quickly adds up to significant amounts for charities.

Sophia Warner

Great Britain Paralympic Athlete

I love Pennies – what great idea! As a Paralympic athlete, 2012 is going to be a big year for me; I hope that it’s also the year when people really get behind the idea of micro-donations and spare their small change to make a big difference to charitable giving in the UK.

Ian Filby

Chief Executive, DFS

The Pennies way of donating to charity is a really excellent method because it’s just so simple. We are incredibly excited at DFS to be able to give our customers the opportunity to donate a few pence to charity.

Sir Stuart Rose

I’m delighted to endorse the Pennies Initiative. I know consumers want to make a difference but they often don’t know where to start. Pennies provides an answer, with a few pennies donated across thousands of transactions we can start to build up a big pot of money to make a real difference on important community issues.

Nick Hurd

Minister for Civil Society

It has been fantastic to see an innovative idea like Pennies mature so quickly. I encourage other businesses to join the movement for the benefit of charities across the country.

Simon Black

CEO, Sage Pay

“Sage Pay is really excited to be working with Pennies to build a very long-term relationship. Our partnership with Pennies will enable tens of thousands of businesses to allow their customers to make donations to charities online.”

Charlie Dawson

Founder and Partner of The Foundation

You can give someone a fish. You can teach them to fish. Or you could build a giant fish farm for them and everyone they know. That’s what Pennies is. Simply a better way for individuals to help charities and retailers all do more of what they want in a great big virtuous circle. I’m proud that we have helped to a small degree.

Edward Fox


I am very glad indeed to continue my support for the work of the Pennies Foundation and to wish you a continuing success for the important aim of its cause.

Ritz Steyler

CEO, Servebase

“Pennies offers a fantastic opportunity for the payments industry to get involved and make a difference to charitable giving in the UK. We’re delighted to be introducing it from 2013.”

Alastair Lukies

CEO Monitise PLC, WEF Technology Pioneer

I first heard of Pennies back in 2009 and immediately saw its potential.  It’s one of those strong, simple but innovative ideas that will become part of normal life, one of those things we can’t remember not being there.   Pennies chimes well with the Monitise way of doing things too with its entrepreneurial approach and a product that is easy, secure and convenient.

I’m committed to working with this charity to maximise the impact of digital giving and see some great opportunities ahead.

Tony Saunders

VP, Verifone

At VeriFone, we are happy to be working with a socially responsible and innovative partner such as Pennies to improve the lives of others.

Mark Henderson

Chairman, Gieves & Hawkes

Pennies is a very simple, elegant way of raising a lot of money for charity. Gieves & Hawkes are delighted to embrace the scheme.

Antony Jones

Chief Executive, The Logic Group

As a leading supplier of payment and loyalty solutions, we recognise that Pennies is an innovative charity approach that can deliver potential benefit to our clients whilst making a real difference to people’s lives.  We are committed to corporate social responsibility and by applying our technology skills we have been able to make Pennies simple to implement for the hundreds of UK organisations that use our payment solutions.  We particularly like the fact that Pennies is independent of cause which gives our clients the chance to choose the charities that they care about.

Chandra Patni

CEO, CTO and co-founder of YESpay International Ltd

We are delighted to be able to help The Pennies Foundation in materialising and delivering the “electronic charity box” proposition; even in times of crisis, we should not forget to give something back to the society and especially to those in need. We are proud to support The Pennies Foundation in its mission to support charities and maximise donations.

Sanjay Vadera

Chief Executive, The Fragrance Shop

We like the Pennies way of donating to charity because we think it’s very simple and it’s a very private way for our customers to be able to donate without a person asking them.

Colin Bain

Managing Director, K3 Retail

Implementing Pennies for Gieves & Hawkes, has been simple and straightforward. We are also making our Pennies integration available across multiple payments service providers, offering our retail customers the opportunity to become part of the Pennies movement quickly and simply.

Alan Pollard

President 08-09 BCS; Judge IT Industry Awards

Pennies was the clear winner in the Not for Profit category of the 2012 IT Industry Awards and justly deserves the accolade.  The project has enormous potential for growth and offers an innovative and ingenious way of making charitable giving quick, easy and painless. We said at the Awards Ceremony that the project has the potential to revolutionise charitable giving and I am fully expecting this to happen. I do hope that more and more retailers – both online and in the high street – follow the lead of the pioneers and support this very worthy newcomer to the field.

Ben Hart

Director of Marketing & Ecommerce, Evans Cycles

By partnering with Pennies and SOGB, we’re able to help a group of people who wouldn’t normally take part in cycling to get more involved in this activity. We think Pennies is a really unique way of supporting an organisation and by allowing our customers to get behind our fundraising efforts, hopefully we can make a big impact and achieve something amazing.

Martin Schofield

Operations Director, Itim

David Barker

Founder, Ebou Consulting

For me the beauty of Pennies, like all great ideas that change society, is that it’s so incredibly simple. Simple to understand and simple to operate. And with a simple ambition: to allow people to make a beneficial difference to those less fortunate, at the touch of a button. Wish I’d thought of it.

Fergus Clawson

Director, Blueclaw

We are proud to have been able to build the Pennies Magento plug-in which will allow Magento retailers to join the Pennies movement simply, quickly and securely.

David Coffer

Chairman of The Coffer Group

This is a wonderful new channel for the old habit of dropping a few coins into a charity box on the shop counter, brought up to date for card and internet transactions. Harnessing the concept of micro-donations and aligning with the increasing use of cards for in-store and internet shopping, Pennies has already proved its success and I hope many more operators adopt this scheme. I’m delighted to be able to support them.

David Williams

Operating Partner, Duke Street

The Pennies Electronic charity box is a really easy and affordable way for UK shoppers to donate to UK charities.  It works across any shopping channel and will help many UK charities regional and national, plus for retailers, they are able to nominate their chosen charity or charities. A win, win for everyone.

Martina Milburn CBE

Chief Executive, The Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust is proud to be working with The Pennies Foundation on this innovative idea, which has the potential to change the way that people donate to charity on a regular basis. Small change can blossom into significant funds and we hope the public will be as excited by this idea as we are.

Micheal Frohlich

MD, EAME Consumer Marketing Practice, Ogilvy PR Worldwide

We are very proud to be working with Pennies. It’s not very often you get the opportunity to work on a project which can actually create social change. The simplicity of the idea is its strength and will create a ground swell of support which will result in a huge fundraising effort.

Robert Dufton

Director, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Paul Hamlyn Foundation is pleased to be a founding supporter of the Pennies Foundation.   It’s potentially one of the most exciting developments in philanthropy.  Our mission is to help people realise their potential and enjoy a better quality of life, now and in the future.  Enabling people everywhere to become a philanthropist, making a small donation to help others, is a positive experience for people to have, and in addition the Pennies Foundation’s future grants to charities will help people and communities in need.

Stephen Dunmore

Chairman, BBC Charity Appeals Advisory Committee

At a time when there is increasing demand for the vital services charities deliver to those most in need, Pennies will provide a new and sustainable way of giving to UK charities – a simple, efficient, discreet and affordable income source, enabling consumers to donate a few pennies as often as they choose.

Stephen Leonard

Chief Executive, IBM UK and Ireland

Pennies has brought a great idea to fruition, helping to make a smarter use of technology to make donating to charity easier for people. Making things more relevant, easy and straightforward for our customers to deliver in more intelligent ways has been a core tenet of our business for 100 years. I’d encourage more retailers to get involved and help to drive micro-donations.

Steve Turner

CEO, Smart Technology Solutions Limited

STS believes that social responsibility should be a key area for businesses and supporting responsible charities is a great way of doing this. We are a technology company and it has been very satisfying to apply our technical skills in pioneering a solution with The Pennies Foundation that can benefit multiple charities.

It has been brilliant to combine two things which I am passionate about in one initiative which has amazing potential to change many lives.

Sue Shipley

The Miles Partnership

The Pennies electronic charity box is a simple idea which benefits consumers, charities and retailers. Consumers can make a difference to lives through giving pennies, charities will benefit from additional funding and retailers can magnify their existing corporate giving. It’s the right idea at the right time and retailers have the opportunity to lead the charge and make it happen.

Wanda S. Hamilton

Group Director of Fundraising, RNIB

RNIB has always prided itself in staying at the forefront of innovation. And never has it been more important to be looking for significant new ways to raise funds than now. We are really excited by the game changing nature of this simple but effective new way to stimulate the great British public’s giving nature. And we look forward to the day that rounding up your change is as ‘normal’ an activity as dropping a penny in the collection box used to be.”