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Helping thousands of people find a home

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Everyone should have a home

Every two minutes someone faces losing their home.

In our affluent nation, tens of thousands of people wake up every day in housing that is run-down, overcrowded or dangerous. Many others have lost their home altogether. The desperate lack of decent, affordable housing is robbing us of security, health and a fair chance in life: over a million children in England live in overcrowded conditions, 2.4 million people are driven into poverty in the UK because of the high relative cost of their housing and 47,700 homes were repossessed across the UK in 2009.

Shelter believes everyone should have a home.

More than one million people a year come to Shelter for advice and support via their national network of services, as well as through their website and helplines. These services, combined with strong policy and research work, give Shelter great credibility in campaigning for change.

Shelter helps people to find and keep a home in a place where they can thrive, and tackles the root causes of bad housing by campaigning for new laws, policies and solutions to end the housing crisis for good.

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