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St Andrew's Hospice

Providing specialist hospice care in the local area

Brief description:

Making each day count

St Andrew's Hospice has become the major recipient in Pennies first initiative with small retailers.  If you shop in any of the participating Grimsby and Cleethorpes retailers 75% of your pennies will help St Andrew’s Hospice provide services to over 800 local people who need specialist hospice care. The hospice relies almost entirely on donations to fund the service, therefore it is crucial that the community continue to support the Hospice financially if they are to keep running.  This means that every penny helps to enable the Hospice staff to provide a service which is second to none, ensuring that each day counts for patients and their families.

It doesn't cost much to make a difference:

  • £100 will pay for a day therapy session, which will provide much needed respite for a carer
  • £50 will pay for a Family Support Worker to provide bereavement services to families
  • £30 will pay for a visit to a patient's home to discuss using Hospice services
  • £20 will pay for a patient to have a complementary therapy
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Donate pennies at local Grimsby shops