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Become a Pennies retailer

Pennies is a simple charity fundraising idea that's a cost-effective and straightforward way to offer your customers the choice to join in, making even more of a difference to the charities you and your staff already support.

Customers tell us they like Pennies because:

  • It’s my choice every time
  • It’s pennies, not pounds
  • I’m not being pressured
  • It’s an easy way to give

There is also compelling research to support this, gathered by independent company Markettiers4dc, who surveyed 9000 people over five years.


50-60% of UK adults said they would give to charity in this way, changing to 60-70% for young people (under 35).

Pennies is already working – Over £2m (Feb 2014) has been raised from customers donating their change to charity more than four million times, just by pressing a button or clicking ‘Donate’ online. These Pennies resulted in significant funds going to the retailers chosen charities. Retailers can be up and running with Pennies in a short space of time. Payment technology providers are getting involved by building Pennies into their payment applications, making many in-store implementations straight forward. Online, Pennies can be added to website functionalities quickly and easily. For more information take a look at our guide introducing Pennies. Or contact us to find out how to switch Pennies on. You can email us or phone +44 (0) 20 7600 9286