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Become a recipient charity

Charities can raise funds via Pennies…

… through corporate partnerships

If your charity has corporate partners who have card paying customers we can work with you and them to ‘enable’ Pennies online or in their stores. Corporate partners can come from a range of sectors, including hospitality, retail, leisure and sports.

Please bear in mind that it’s often harder for us to work with smaller independent retailers so if you’re a smaller charity we recommend approaching a medium or large chain of shops in your region or perhaps a local business that has a popular online store.

Feel free to get in touch with us first before approaching a corporate partner, particularly if you’re not sure whether they would qualify for Pennies. We can advise on the best approach to take and we’re happy to supply materials or presentation slides to help you with this.

If a company has expressed initial interest, we recommend you put us in touch with them as soon as you can.


A number of payment technology providers are getting involved by building Pennies into their payment applications, making many in-store implementations straight forward. Online, Pennies can be added to website functionality quickly and easily.

However, to establish how an implementation would work for your partner, we need to talk to them about their payment technology. This is why we recommend you put us in touch as soon as possible.

… by implementing Pennies in their own shops

If your charity has its own chain of shops, or even an online store, we can work with you to make Pennies available for customers paying by card in your outlets. Charities are already beginning to take this route and are seeing extra electronic donations being made by customers shopping in their stores.

Pennies is inclusive and we have worked with retailers that range in size, both online and in-store. As you might guess, the larger the retailer the more donations the nominated charity is likely to receive. But if you know of any retailer – large or small – who might be interested, get back in touch and we can explore any further options from there.


Please contact us to explore whether we can work together to generate more funds for you through Pennies. Email us or phone +44 (0) 20 7600 9286

General criteria for retailer and Pennies nominated charities:

All of the charities that are supported through Pennies will be registered with one or more of the three charity regulators in the UK. These are the Charities Commission, England & Wales, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and once it is fully operational the Charities Commission for Northern Ireland. All nominated charities must also be active and solvent.

We do not believe that it is our role to provide charities with grants that are of a size to distort their purpose. For this reason the maximum total grant that will be given in any 12-month period will generally not exceed 10% of the charity’s average gross income for the last three years.

Charities whose purpose is the promotion of a specific religious or political view will not be eligible for nomination.