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How Pennies works

Pennies gives customers the option to donate a few pence to charity when paying for goods or services by card. It's just one press of a button or a click of the mouse and the job's done.

It offers a brilliant technology driven solution, that's a simple yet effective way of increasing your existing charity fundraising activities. A solution that's low cost, easy to implement, fully automated and does not slow down the checkout process. Whether you are are fundraising online, in-store or via a mobile devise, it's just a 'one click' process to donate.

Pennies is a great fundraising idea. It's designed to be as simple as possible, fitting easily into the normal customer experience. When implementing Pennies retailers can tailor their customers' experience of donating through Pennies, to suit their brand.

In-store, the 'round up' or 'top up' amount is automatically calculated and the option to donate is offered to customers via the Chip & PIN terminal. If the button is pressed, a thank you appears on the till receipt.

Online, there's an option to donate just before payment. There is no extra step at the checkout, just a single click to opt in. The amount is calculated automatically and customers are thanked.

In a similar way to online, donating through Pennies on a mobile or any smart device is a one click process with the amounts calculated.