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Zizzi Restaurants and The Prince’s Trust case study

Key info

  • “The Prince’s Trust is proud to be working with The Pennies Foundation on this innovative idea, which has the potential to change the way that people donate to charity on a regular basis. Small change can blossom into significant funds and we hope the public will be as excited by this idea as we are.” Martina Milburn - Chief Executive, The Prince’s Trust
  • Raised over: £80K in one year
  • Available: In-store (118+)

We help Zizzi make more of a difference for The Prince’s Trust by asking customers to join in too

After launching a new partnership with The Prince’s Trust in late 2010, Zizzi teamed up with Pennies to give their customers the opportunity to join in and make a difference too. After an initial trial in one restaurant, Pennies, Zizzi, and technology partner Ingenico rolled the electronic charity box out across the 118 plus restaurants in August 2011.

The option to add a 20p donation when paying for their meal by card was popular with customers, with approximately one in four choosing to donate. A year after launch the Pennies button had been pressed over 450,000 times and they had collected nearly £100K for charity.

Using pennies to help get young people out of unemployment

The Prince’s Trust promptly put the majority of those pennies to work by using them to support projects that help young people get the skills, confidence and motivation they need to move into work and education. In particular, loans to young entrepreneurs to help them get business ideas off the ground have a measured impact on the confidence of people who can be living in poverty or be suffering from depression.

Green-fingered Kevin Lawrence received one of these loans, borrowing £500 as part of the charity’s Enterprise Programme to set up his gardening business Kevin Lawrence Garden Services. Suffering from speech and language difficulties from an early age, as well as being diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia and autistic tendencies, Kevin had been a target for bullies. Harassment at work triggered the descent into depression and he turned to gardening as an escape, which then became an opportunity for self-employment.

The loans provided by your pennies help young people to get themselves out of unemployment, giving them the confidence to change their situation and start their own businesses. Kevin now has 50 loyal customers and maintains the grounds of two churches. He provides a valuable service to his community and has achieved the independence that he has always strived for.