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Introduction to Pennies for Retailers March 2013

Pennies 124 days ago,(2013/12/16)          

Blog: A bumper year for the electronic charity box as Pennies turns three!

Pennies 162 days ago,(2013/11/08)           

Blog: Cardsave retailers raise over £7,000 with Pennies

Pennies 179 days ago,(2013/10/22)           

Blog: Pennies retailer Travelodge puts the kettle on in support of Macmillan

Pennies 214 days ago,(2013/09/17)           

Blog: Pennies is a runner up at the Nominet Internet Awards 2013

Pennies 288 days ago,(2013/07/05)           

Blog: Job opportunity at Pennies for communications professional

Pennies 305 days ago,(2013/06/18)           

Blog: Pennies, the electronic charity box, shortlisted for national award

Pennies 338 days ago,(2013/05/16)           

Blog: Pennies raises £1,000,000 from four million micro-donations

Pennies 458 days ago,(2013/01/16)           

Blog: Pennies and The Entertainer win top 'not for profit' IT industry award

Pennies 520 days ago,(2012/11/15)           

Blog: Pennies chosen as finalist for three prestigious awards

Pennies 576 days ago,(2012/09/20)           

Blog: Pennies chosen as charity partner for the retail event of the year

Pennies 579 days ago,(2012/09/17)           

Blog: The Entertainer pennies help to repair hearts like Ellen's in Bristol.

Pennies 585 days ago,(2012/09/11)           

Blog: £500,000 raised as Pennies donations double in six months!

Pennies 710 days ago,(2012/05/09)           

Blog: Screwfix joins forces with Pennies to boost its fundraising for Everyman

Pennies 758 days ago,(2012/03/22)           

Blog: 'Pennies with Zizzi' scoops Real IT Awards top prize

Pennies 759 days ago,(2012/03/21)           

Blog: Three new online retailers launch with Pennies

Pennies 773 days ago,(2012/03/07)           

Blog: More online retailers embrace Pennies

Pennies 773 days ago,(2012/03/07)           

Blog: £400,000 raised through Pennies

Pennies 786 days ago,(2012/02/23)           

Blog: How your pennies are changing people’s lives through music

Pennies 788 days ago,(2012/02/21)           

Blog: Pennies reaches 1.5 million micro-donations

Pennies 834 days ago,(2012/01/06)           

Blog: Happy New Year from Pennies!

Pennies 838 days ago,(2012/01/03)           

Blog: Merry Christmas from Pennies

Pennies 848 days ago,(2011/12/24)           

Blog: Pennies in the Press

Pennies 863 days ago,(2011/12/08)           

Blog: Pennies 1st birthday celebrations

Pennies 879 days ago,(2011/11/22)           

Blog: Pennies goes mobile with Simply Tap

Pennies 879 days ago,(2011/11/22)           

Blog: Pennies nominated for Most Innovative Charity Award

Pennies 921 days ago,(2011/10/11)           

Blog: Can you help us to introduce Pennies to more and more people?

Pennies 929 days ago,(2011/10/03)           

Blog: Welcome to The Pennies Foundation blog

Pennies 933 days ago,(2011/09/29)           

Blog: Pennies is looking for a paid intern

Pennies 927 days ago,(2011/10/05)           

Blog: Zizzi rolls out Pennies across all its restaurants

Pennies 991 days ago,(2011/08/02)           

Blog: Toy shop chain The Entertainer brings Pennies to the high street

Pennies 991 days ago,(2011/08/02)           

Blog: IBM helps to accelerate growth of charity micro-donation channel Pennies

Pennies 1019 days ago,(2011/07/05)           

Blog: Teamspirit Public Relations joins Pennies for a year-long campaign

Pennies 1025 days ago,(2011/06/29)           

Blog: The Logic Group opens new retail avenues for Pennies

Pennies 1032 days ago,(2011/06/22)           

Blog: Pennies scoops Technology4Good fundraising award

Pennies 1046 days ago,(2011/06/08)           

Blog: Pennies gains support of Davis Coffer Lyons

Pennies 1059 days ago,(2011/05/26)           

Blog: The Pennies Foundation included in Giving White Paper

Pennies 1061 days ago,(2011/05/24)           

Blog: Pennies reaches £100,000 in funds raised since launch

Pennies 1064 days ago,(2011/05/21)           

Blog: Pennies receives over 70,000 donations in March

Pennies 1103 days ago,(2011/04/12)           

Blog: The Pennies Foundation appoints senior retailer as Trustee

Pennies 1118 days ago,(2011/03/28)           

Blog: Pennies receives over 250,000 donations

Pennies 1145 days ago,(2011/03/01)           

Blog: Pennies hits 190,000 donations and £43,000 raised in three months

Pennies 1156 days ago,(2011/02/18)           

Blog: Pennies teams up with Zizzi for first ‘in-store’ launch

Pennies 1201 days ago,(2011/01/04)           

Blog: The Pennies Foundation welcomes inclusion in ‘Giving’ Green Paper

Pennies 1207 days ago,(2010/12/29)           

Blog: Pennies receives royal support from Prince Harry

Pennies 1243 days ago,(2010/11/23)           

Blog: Consumer research shows growing support for 'Pennies'

Pennies 1600 days ago,(2009/12/01)           

Blog: Pennies supporter list tops 300

Pennies 1503 days ago,(2010/03/08)           

Blog: The Pennies Foundation appoints new Trustees

Pennies 1431 days ago,(2010/05/19)           

Blog: The Pennies Foundation speaks at Oxford Hub meeting

Pennies 1422 days ago,(2010/05/28)           

Blog: The Pennies Foundation CEO speaks at Vendorcom conference

Pennies 1376 days ago,(2010/07/13)           

Blog: The Entertainer’s customers raise £500K with the help of Pennies

Pennies 9 days ago,(2014/04/10)           

CLIC Sargent case study - Jack's story

Pennies 67 days ago,(2014/02/11)          

Introduction to Pennies for Retailers March 2013

Pennies 124 days ago,(2013/12/16)          

Articles of Association

Pennies 124 days ago,(2013/12/16)          


Pennies 124 days ago,(2013/12/16)          


Pennies 124 days ago,(2013/12/16)